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Light Weight Deflectometer at Bauma 2019

18. March 2019

Bauma booth Light Weight Deflectometer

Bauma booth Light Weight Deflectometer

Our light weight deflectometer with numerous innovative features will be presented during BAUMA 2019 trade fair in Munique in hall B5, booth 102. Don’t miss this opportunity to receive detailed information about our models, equipped with cable or Bluetooth® technology. All instruments come complete with GPS system, printer, USB stick (no SD card), voice navigation and software without extra charge. The TERRATEST® device is worldwide unique, as it disposes of Bluetooth® technology controlled by APP for iPhone and Android. This enables the instrument for the dynamic load plate test completely to be controlled by smartphone, so no own measuring electronics are required anymore. The results immediately appear on the smartphone, instantaneously to be transmitted from the construction site in form of a pdf file. Affixing measuring tapes, time consuming and extremely disturbing, from now on is a thing of the past. In these times of digital construction files, this feature proves to be a valuable support. “As we sell directly to our final customers, agency fees or trader margins do not have to be taken into account. This results in an outstanding price-performance ration”, declares Frank G. Schulz, CEO of TERRATEST® Berlin. This is the fourth time in succession, that the company at an own booth presents its light weight deflectometers on this largest construction equipment trade fair worldwide.

In the year of 2016, BAUMA with an exhibition area of 600,000 m² counted 3,500 exhibitors from nearly 60 countries and 580,000 visitors. Due to the current boom of the building industry, these numbers probably this year will be exceeded. All over the world, new infrastructure projects are launched, in Germany particularly in the broadband expansion. “During the last BAUMA, a significant number of instruments was directly sold from the booth, so that April of 2016 was the month with the highest trading level in the history of our enterprise”, continues Mr. Schulz. ”Directly after the trade fair, transactions were made with clients in Russia, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. For 2019, further positive stimuli for export are expected, since various lucrative offers can be found in our product line”, reveals Mr. Schulz. “In the end of 2018, we participated already in BAUMA in India (Delhi) and China (Shanghai). During these events, our new model of Light Weight Deflectometer TERRATEST 9000 LWD was presented for the first time. This instrument features up to three geophones, disposes of adjustable falling height, and can work with four load plate diameters to carry out the tests. Thanks to the integrated load cell, the falling weight can be increased by two times five kg, i.e. to 15 and to 20 kg. “Of course, this model during the trade fair won’t be absent”, continues Mr. Schulz. ”It will be of particular interest essentially for potential clients in America and Far East.”